Principal Thoughts

As I keenly watch my potted patio rose plant bloom yet again, I am reminded of God’s faithfulness at Equip College as we continue our fruitful and rosy renewal, seeking first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness, and blessedly assured that all things shall be added unto us.  To God be the glory!

So many exciting things are happening at Equip. Our students and participants are experiencing personal development, mentoring in leadership, life coaching, revival seminars and workshops, missions and pastoral commitments and directed research, to mention but a few.

God’s Call Confirmed

It gives me great joy to know that one of our Global Missions Awareness students has now committed to God’s call upon his life by going into missions to Bali, Indonesia. At the end of this month, Danial and his wife will make the preliminary move to Bali. They have decided to move onto God’s agenda. How exciting that Equip College has been a part of their journey! Danial’s response to me: “You and this subject have been a part of that decision. Thank you. It has caused me to clarify my thinking that I'm called to missionary work in Bali, Indonesia. This is something that has been stirring in me for years; now its time for action.” Our association with Danial, as with many of our past students, will continue. Danial has graduated with the Licentiate in Christian Ministry and Theology. Living in the Northern Territory, his Graduation Certificate and Academic Transcript was posted recently. A timely qualification prior to his departure for Bali!

I am so grateful for studying at BCWA because they are really focusing on my development. BCWA is very supportive of my needs like textbooks and is always prompt in answering any enquiries about the course.
— Diony

Some students are studying in preparation for Pastoral ministry whilst others are sharpening their hermeneutical skills through directed research and Biblical studies. What a joy to see students grapple with God’s Word and develop their understanding of his Word!


Extension Classes in the Philippines 

Our Principal and the team will be in the Philippines from the 15 May to 27 May to conduct intensive training for Pastors and leaders. Church consultation will be conducted as well. Equip has a network of churches that it ministers to and we ask that you pray for the team and our network churches in Laguna, Philippines.  Lee Elliott will hold a women’s seminar and also encourage the women through her powerful testimony. Ros Smith and Charles Roennfeldt will also be involved in this networking.

Training Delivery Methods & Website

Android Apps, Facebook messaging platform and telecommunication apps are being used much more in our training delivery. Students from the Philippines and those local students, who cannot make the attendance at our campus, are given training through apps such as Whatsapp, Messenger and Skype. Our online training platform is in the process of development.

If you have not navigated our new website, please do so. We love the fresh feel and thank Charles Roennfeldt for developing and managing this platform. View our history, statement of faith, courses, upcoming events, etc here on our website.

Upcoming Seminars/Workshops

4 May – STAR TREK: I’m no robot.

This is a workshop for youth on mental health issues and migrant assimilation. Tania Truman will facilitate this workshop.

4 May – SHAPE

This is a seminar on discovering your calling and gifts. Ps Femi Oyewopo will facilitate this seminar.

Prayer Points

Equip College helps me to align my vision and calling as a student of counselling from a Biblical perspective. I am being equipped to equip others through the enablement of the Holy Spirit.
— Jan

Please continue to pray for the Principal and his family. Our Principal gives off so much more than is required of him and we ask that you always keep him and his family in your prayers. The renewal of BCWA/Equip College is taking shape God’s way for such a time as this and he needs much wisdom as he casts vision God’s way together with a very supportive Board. Please also pray for the Board members and their families.

Our students and their families require your ongoing prayers too. We thank God for the recovery of Michael’s wife. Others require employment so please keep these students in your prayers.


We thank God for our volunteer staff and sessional lecturers. Please keep them in your prayers too.

Come unto me, all you that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest – Matthew 11:28

We thank God that we do find His “rest” at Equip College.

The Taste of Koinonia: What’s your flavour?

“They devoted themselves to the apostles' teaching and to the fellowship, to the breaking of bread and to prayer” - Acts 2:42.     

Psalm 33:8 “Taste and see that the Lord is good; blessed is the man who takes refuge in Him.”                                   

 When you have tasted of the Lord, you should have a certain flavour about you? Hey, what’s your flavour? It should be likened unto Christ so that you taste like the koinonia of the Godhead – Father, Son, Holy Spirit in community. With this Trinitarian community as your springboard, YOU, as the fellowshipping human being engaged in the community of Christ which we call the church, can jump to Godly and growing heights beyond your wildest imagination. JUMP! JUMP! JUMP!


1.      Growing through Koinonia means that we are willing to be friends. We need each other. “A friend in need is a friend in deed.” Koinonia simply means BFF – Best friends forever. But why, you may ask, is this not always the case in Christian fellowship/Koinonia? It’s because we major on the minors rather than focusing on the major substance of who we are and who we are should and must be ‘IN CHRIST.” Understanding why we fellowship, get together, is vital to our growth as disciples of Christ. For when we are in Christ , our negatives must be seen in God’s positive outworking. It’s no longer I that live, but Christ who lives in me (Gal. 2:20).

2.      Growing through Koinonia means that we are willing to be accountable to each other and responsible for each other as friends. For what? Our faith, our lifestyle. The counter argument here is, It’s my life, I can do whatever, I please! Pleasing God means Koinonia, a certain accountability to my fellows in Christ for the way I live. To live in isolation is a sure breeding ground for ungodly, addictive behaviour. Koinonia is the antidote to isolation and loneliness. Let me give you a script – 5 repeats of Koinonia, please come back before it runs out! We need each other. This koinonia is and must be our safe place if we are to grow God’s way.

3.      Growing through Koinonia  means that we have a focused and devoted togetherness as friends. This keeps us as a Christian community  with a focus on God’s redemptive plan for each of us and our world. This togetherness is foundational for Koinonia since we are  

(A) crucified together with Christ (Gal. 2:20); (B) buried together with Christ (Rom. 6:4); (C) made alive together with Christ (Eph. 2:5); (D) sufferers together with Christ (Rom. 8:17); (E) Overcomers together with Christ (Phil. 4:13); (F) Be glorified together with Christ (Rom. 8:17)

The growing disciple must be intentional about Koinonia for this is fundamental to Christian faith.

Did your flavour just get better?

Shekinah glory come…