What did Jesus institute?

“Jesus came to institute the Kingdom, and what followed was the church” - Alfred Loisy.

I often present this statement to my students and one can only imagine the discussion that follows.

The church as the body of Christ on earth must have a “Kingdom” mentality as Jesus propagated, that is, the church cannot exist for itself institutionally to the extent that it declares, “for me to live is church”.

Church as “divinely established institution” must embrace Kingdom values and must not be “conceived of primarily as a sociological phenomenon” (Erickson, M. J., Introducing Christian Doctrine, 2004, p345).

When as the Body of Christ, we parade our own flags and banners of unique doctrine, nuances and legendary status; when as the Body of Christ, we aim to be ‘successful’ churches rather than ‘faithful’ churches; when as the Body of Christ, we claim to be better than each other if not ‘truer’ than any other; when as the Body of Christ, we are so divided - it is apparent that all that matters is that ‘my church’ wins the gold. This scenario sounds so ‘Olympic Games’.

My prayer: Lord, make us one…Your Kingdom come…

Dawson Elliott

Charles Roennfeldt