God writes straight with crooked [bent] lines

Luke 13:10-17 Jesus teaches us that God’s way is not based on legalism but on grace. Jesus, our itinerant teacher, is invited to be a guest at one of the synagogues. The leaders were not pleased with Jesus for healing a woman on the Sabbath. Did Jesus break the religious law? Actually, he was showing them that he came to “fulfil the law” under the new covenant of God’s grace.

By healing this woman of her ‘bent-ness’ on the Sabbath, Jesus dared to go beyond borders and do what was the right and practical thing to do. The conversation here zooms out of the ‘keeping of the Sabbath’ and zooms in on the ‘keeping of God’s way of practical living’ as mediated through Jesus - all for the purpose of showing that God meets people at their point of need - practically - in spite of the demands of religious law.

For Jesus, people matter more than cold, legalistic religious laws.

Jesus straightened this woman but more than this act of miraculous compassionate healing, he actually straightened out the legalistic religious leaders.

This passage offers hope for anyone who is ‘bent’ - in fact, all of us are! Jesus is all aware of our ‘bent-ness’ and his continuing straightening grace is ever available - everyday and not just on a ‘Sabbath-Sunday.’

Is your Sunday ‘spirituality’ different from any other day of the week?

I suppose for those so caught up in cold religious laws - Jesus’ second coming may not be on a Sabbath or Sunday - after all, it’s his [and our] day of rest! May your Sunday be ‘law-free’ and ‘grace-filled’…like every other day, come to think of it!

“If there when Grace dances, I should dance” - Auden, W.H.

Dawson Elliott